rediculousWe were approached by a client who had an idea for a new game. He had the questions and answers, but wasn’t sure how to put it together and market it. Through several conceptual sessions our designer gradually pieced together the look and feel of the packaging to showcase the game.

As well as the outer box we worked on a series of 120 cards, split into 3 categories, easy, standard and ridiculous. The 3 sets had to be colour coded so that they were easily recognisable.

The client was most impressed with our effective use of the short lead time to produce a small quantity for him to do some market research with. He was also encouraged by the methods used to eliminate any huge production costs for the first few sets.

The feedback has been really positive, enabling him to implement some tweaks to the concept of the game and some of the questions. He is really excited at the prospect of getting these into production soon!